About Me


I am a Reiki Master and intuitive healer having trained under the Usui and Tibetan systems of natural healing. I have many years experience working with Reiki and other energy systems.Β  I first began healing back in 2010.

I was taught the traditional form of Reiki as passed on by Dr Usui and can trace my lineage back to him.

Reiki is such a passion of mine, I see how it impacts peoples lives in so many wonderful and myriad ways. Β  I came up with the name One Heart Healing because I really feel it’s a reflection of how I work best which is heart centred and soul inspired.

I know how it feels not to be happy, to be worried about life, to suffer.Β  In my late teens and early twenties I battled with depression, stress and anxiety but eventually I would find peace and joy in my life through the practice of mindfulness, Reiki and other spiritual disciplines.

Having awoken to this inner joy, peace and zest for life I have found through years of experience that I have a natural gift for Reiki and know through personal experience that it can transform other peoples lives for the better. Β Β I am truly inspired in my life now to help support people on their journey to wellness, vitality and peace of mind.

I live with my beautiful wife Sarah in St Annes on-the-sea.Β  I enjoy living a life of simplicity and my hobbies and interests include reading, walking in nature, going to the theatre and blogging about mindfulness amongst other things.